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Lavender Retail Exceptions Sale (3 pack)

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    Lavender Retail Exceptions Sale (3 pack)


    Normally $17.95 save $1.00

    Normally $17.95
    saves $1.00

    Limit: 2 per order

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    Retail Exceptions Sale


    As you know, each candle is hand-poured by our Team every morning.  Occasionally, the surfaces of a few candles are not exactly perfect.   These candles contain imperfections that require some level of repair and/or re-melting.  We reserve these candles for sale to our customers who would appreciate trying a new fragrance and/or purchasing their favorite scents at a significant discount.


    Trust that each candle is poured with care.  These Retail Exceptions require just a bit more attention.  Enjoy!!

    Limit: 2  per order

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